Give Goes On, LLC is my personal organization which I set up a few years ago and is a project to "Give Back" and make a difference in the lives of educators and students.  

This is a dream that I have had for a long time.

My vision is to share my creative teaching strategies and sell my lessons/activities while using the proceeds to surprise teachers and students when they least expect it. I want to recognize and choose various children and teachers that do not have enough educational resources or supplies for their classroom, as well as fund a child’s project to motivate them beyond the curriculum. I desire to recognize one’s perseverance and educational dedication with matching gifts, encouraging the act of giving selflessly and adding value to others, expecting nothing in return.

If I can write a check and provide a gift for a hard working teacher and a child in need, I will do it! And thanks to your contributions, or others you tell, I will be one step closer to making this happen.”

Personal Testimony

I know what it is like to provide my own resources, supplies, food and sometimes furniture for my classroom and students. Just last year alone I spent $2,000.00 of my personal money to provide the necessities for my class. This year, it is only September and I am at $200.00 already. It is difficult to be in a school setting when you have the same expectations as other districts, but lack the resources or supplies. It is difficult to be in an old building with broken furniture, not enough technology, broken ceiling tiles, cabinets and sinks. Imagine the lack of books, bulletin boards, easels, utensils, and paper. I have experienced the wealthy school setting and not so wealthy school setting and yes, I have spoken to many teachers with the same stories and worse.

I will never forget when I received a phone call telling me that my room was painted. “Kim, you can come in now. We have a surprise for you. This is something that is never done in the public schools. Your room really needed a makeover, so I called a buddy of mine who is a painter and asked if he wouldn’t mind painting the room for me so you could come back to a new looking room. He painted the room and Kim you will love it.”  

If you are a teacher then you will understand how rare this is. You may even know what it is like to be in a classroom that is falling apart and there is not enough support or money for you to have a classroom makeover. Well, if I can provide something special for teachers in need, I am going to do it. If it takes a check from me and some volunteers to help me paint for a weekend, then that is what I will do. If I can write a check for a teacher needing classroom books for their library, I will. I want to make a difference in education beyond what I am doing now, but it will take MONEY to get me started…

Additionally, I like to cultivate my student’s interests and motivate them to learn. Sometimes it takes more time and creativity than teaching our daily lessons. You see, there are times when a child really wants to learn, but they don’t have the support from home, lack resources, or have behavioral/ academic challenges preventing them from progressing. That’s why I like to cultivate my student’s interests at the start of the year. If they are interested in butterflies then I will create a curricular about butterflies, maybe contact a friend of mine who authored a book called Monarch Magic and have her visit with this student(s) as a point of contact. Perhaps they will do a project together, go on a field trip… No matter what the circumstance, if I can be a small part in making a child’s academic interest come true, then I will do it, no matter the cost.

I have also taken into consideration the few times I have known a child’s special interest, but unfortunately their health began to fail. So I created opportunities to make some of their wishes come true, no matter the cost; and I want to do this for other teachers and students too.  Will you help me?

Eventually, anyone who is supporting my website and lives locally may want to be a volunteer and help with deliveries and classroom make-over’s, etc. All I ask is that you spread the news to other educators who can use this website.

The more lessons and activities I sell the more monies I will have to make a difference in other teachers and students lives too.  So, attached are a few pictures of events or gifts purchased for kids. I used my personal monies and award monies to make these events happen, and with your help, please know that you will be a part of blessing others and making some of their wishes come true too. Thanks again for your support!