Writing Posters

I always start the year with sentence starters, phrases and vocabulary for kids to be inspired. I want my students to be able to refer to various writing posters to prompt their choice of vocabulary when writing all genres. Therefore, I arranged my writing posters to be cut and glued to colored paper so you can hang and refer your students to the “color” and poster title easier.

I keep the color-coded Transitional, Sentence Starter, Sound Shots, Words for “Said”, and Extended Ending posters up all year long and the kids love it.

 I will add other posters as needed or refer my experienced writers to the Narrative and Descriptive Bookmarks for a smaller/ hands-on copy. You need to try it. I promise you it will work.

                                   All can be found at www.visualccl.com   ( Writing Posters

Posted on September 29, 2013 .