Look Book Word Families

I begin the year with what I call: My Look Book! It reinforces the Common Core: 2.L.2 Conventions of Standard English …Demonstrate the command of conventions of Standard English when writing and D. Generalizing learned spelling patterns when writing words 

The directions will reinforce word families, spelling, ABC order, and writing sentences.

  1. Children can practice reading and spelling the word family words (partners/individuals)
  2. Highlight the list being copied onto the word family page/ write word family at top.
  3. Once words are copied onto activity page, refer to those words to complete the rest of the activity without turning back to the word lists.
  4. When the activity is complete, the children can highlight the next list and complete the matching page. (use at literacy center, individually, or in pairs)

*** Extension- Have children create flash cards, using the word lists. These cards can be used for ABC order and practice for spelling and reading. Try writing definitions as well and mix and match for fun. All can be found at www.visualccl.com