Story Element Discussion Cards

You have to try this in class. I use story element discussion cards with my students every week. The story elements may include, but not be limited to ( setting, characters, problem, solution etc.) What is so amazing with these discussion cards are the ‘dig-deeper’ questions I have added for those conversations to go to the next level. My students use these cards for collaboration/discussion after reading a story. I color-coded the cards so each of my collaborative groups would not mix their cards with another group!

Cards can be used 2 ways-

1.   Kids can read their card and have the group discuss. 2.

Kids read their discussion card and respond to their own questions. Group collaborates both ways. Just encourage your groups to dig deeper each time. For example: Characters

Who are they? How do they act or feel in the beginning, middle and end of the story? What are the characters doing? What or who do the characters remind you of?    See for many other units to implement in your classroom. Just visit my store!  Try my Props with a Purpose and /or the Fairy Tale unit ( whole unit or part 3) You will find these discussion starters…Enjoy!