Picturesque Writing

I had the best time with this lesson. In the beginning of the year we are getting our students used to asking and answering questions (who, what, where, when, why and how) First, my students place a small open paper frame on a large picture. Then they choose question cards from the pile and ask a question about what is in the frame only. This helps them focus on details more and practice asking and responding to questions with partners or in a small collaborative group. The dialogue is fantastic to listen to and watch. Then I will ask the kids to change their perspective and place the open frame on another part of the frame and discuss their questions. After that, they remove the frame and discuss about the entire picture using their question cards. The more experienced speakers and writers will often times start using descriptive language and those conversations immediately go to a higher level. It is naturally differentiated and all learning styles have an opportunity to share and learn. Lastly, it is time to provide the children a time to answer the questions about their photograph. Note that the picture can be based on a personal experience (colored, photograph, illustration) or a photograph of a place they have never been. My suggestion is to start with a photo of a personal place when it is time to write. This helps your students take ownership, writing from experience. Nonetheless, there are so many ways to use a lesson like this. Just remember to allow the kids to share their writing aloud (present in from of the class or in front of a small group or partner. Be creative and allow the kids to have fun. Think out of the box and change it up. For more ideas, check out for many other units to implement in your classroom. Just visit my store!  My Art of Visual Writing book will be a wonderful start for ideas like this to implement. **** I found several large photographs at a wallpaper store; perfect to use at any time. As for the frames, they are easy to make, laminate and keep for other lessons too. Enjoy!