Burning Questions

Have you ever wondered about something? It’s time to dig deeper and ask those burning questions about the topic. One creative way to enjoy this activity is to use a hula-hoop and place it around the specimen/ object(s) you are wondering about. If you don’t have a hula-hoop, try using a rope, string, yarn or masking tape. Place the object(s) inside the circle if inside. Kids can sit around the rug on the floor and view what is inside the circle. If outside, place the hula-hoop on the ground or up against the tree, plant, etc. Allow the children to take turns observing something in the circle and ask an appropriate question. Record the burning question, highlighting the “question” word and move onto the next student. You can do this until you have exhausted potential questions. You might even consider one question and a response each time as well. Be creative, but allow one another to dig deeper and elicit a conversation. Use this activity for small or large group collaboration.

Extensions: List questions, list questions and potential answers, Assign questions to be researched by students, collaborate with higher grade for them to research and illustrate and share presentation at completion (turn into a book), display !

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